With Interbrand’s release of the 2018 Best Global Brands, certain themes maintain significance YOY for the Top 100 Brands in the world. Tech brands such as Apple (#1),  Microsoft (#4) and Samsung (#6) dominate, but beyond the popular car marques and  luxury fashion houses, stand out inclusions in the Top 100 are subscription based business like Netflix (#66), Amazon (#3) and Spotify (#92 – a new entrant in Top 100). In fact, 29% of the Top 100 were subscription based businesses; this is up from 18% in 2009. This is put down to the erosion of traditional notions of loyalty, where access is more important than ownership.ts and prizes.

The TMS Take

The borderless brand is one that truly understands the surrounding world, and constantly moves and adapts in ways not hampered by industry traditions or the ‘impossible’.  One of our 2018 Trends –  “Three’s a Crowd” – speaks directly to the subscription economy, where consumers are now going directly to the source, rather than intermediaries. This provides brands with the opportunity to provide moments of joy, usefulness, and even therapy. Brands that are listening like Amazon, Nintendo and Adobe are seeing the biggest increases in brand value as a result. With brands on average increasing or decreasing by 10%, Amazon increased brand value by 58% with Amazon Echo, Amazon Music Unlimited, and Amazon Prime/Studios. Netflix saw a rise of 45% plus 112 Emmy nominations.  It pays to listen, and deliver directly to the consumer.

Ayla Erdogan