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Our Values


Our Values


Our Values

People First


he Media Store is an independent media agency born from a desire to operate with complete freedom. While not a new concept – there can be no doubt that nearly two decades since being established it has proven itself to be highly effective, true to its ethos of creating fresh and innovative work and led by staff who have seized the opportunity to service clients in a highly professional but unrestricted manner.

The agency has always believed that no matter what it is called or where it is located – it is only the people who can deliver success. And it is those same people who have committed themselves to the simple ideal that no agency ever succeeded by making their clients poor. Success is shared.

The Media Store’s senior staff are mostly from the multi national agency system – and very experienced. It is their experience and ability that flows through the entire agency in a way that promotes clever thinking, diligent service standards and a manic focus on achieving the client’s agreed desired results. It is one team – with a set of values based on integrity, courage and positive outcomes and a belief that anything is possible.

The Media Store – one of Australia’s leading independent media agencies.

A snap shot

Who really wins on Black Friday?

Black Friday is synonymous with frenzy and furore in the US, however Australia has only recently jumped on the bandwagon. The sales event, and its online counterpart Cyber Monday, brought in over $15 billion dollars globally last year according to Adobe Analytics, and...

Monash Uni with “A Different Lens”

Monash University has developed a content-publishing platform encouraging students and industry professionals to develop and publish their own documentaries based on issues that they find interesting.  Built by Y&R Melbourne, the bespoke technology allows users to...

e-xperience electric with Audi

What's happened? Audi in Belgium has launched its new e-xperience app that allows drivers to simulate an electric vehicle in their own cars. The app uses the driver’s vehicle data such as speed, distance, and acceleration to calculate how much electrical energy would...

Apple earns $10b from Services

What's happened? In the most recent reported quarter, Apple received record revenue from its services; iTunes, Apple Music & the App store. Despite what’s estimated to be a contracting hardware market, Apple has grown its ecosystem with sales of services up 27% on...

Opt out of TV Advertising

What's happened? In a response to growing community concerns over gambling addiction, UK Pay TV provider Sky has announced that it will limit placement of gambling ads to be 1 per commercial break on all channels (including the Free To Air Channel 5). This will see...

Ideas worth spreading in podcast form

Here’s a new podcast for those of us who are tired of true crime, up to date on This American Life and frankly in need of a bit of brain food to maintain high brow credentials throughout the holiday season. The infamously curious and always thought-provoking CEO of...

Ad-blocking Glasses in Real Life

What's happened? An artist and creator is offering an innovative new idea in ad-blocking for those who feel they are being bombarded by digital screens in everyday life. Inspired by cult eighties movie They Live, where all global mass media is controlled by a sinister...

AI-rtist shows world, automation is on its way.

What's happened? Iconic British auction house Christie’s has become the first of its kind to sell a piece of “computer-generated” art. The art-work, titled “Portrait of Edmond Belamy," sold for the not-so-meagre sum of $432,500USD. Generated via a computer algorithm,...

What we do


We manage all media and event sponsorship negotiations as well as the production of all content requirements. We have partnered clients with all major sporting codes and major media properties.


This is our tailored consumer research and insights program. We have skilled consumer researchers and strategists that can develop questionnaires, moderate and manage research groups and quantitative surveys and provide a detailed finding report.


Optimiser is our channel planning and buying tool. It allows superior consumer and viewer awareness and reach modeling across all media. While most agencies will have an optimiser tool it is our highly experienced practitioners that make the difference.


With the ever increasing uptake by consumers on these platforms an effective campaign strategy and implementation are vital. The company has a team of specialists across these disciplines using best in category tools.

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Sydney – Level 5, 110 Walker St, North Sydney
Melbourne – 359-361 City Rd, Southbank


Sydney – Level 5, 110 Walker St, North Sydney
Melbourne – 359-361 City Rd, Southbank


T (02) 9429 6100
F (02) 9429 6111


T (02) 9429 6100
F (02) 9429 6111

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