What’s happened?

According to a recent study from Phoenix Marketing International, short-form ads (5-7 seconds long) are almost as effective at driving brand memorability as 15 and 30-second ads. The study analysed Brand Memorability: the viewers’ ability to remember each ad’s content and the brand, 24 hours after exposure in the TV viewing environment.

In addition to the learnings on Brand Memorability, the study showed that short-form ads:

  • are almost at parity with 30 secs and 15 secs ads when it comes to Brand Linkage.
  • Can be used to support a wider marketing plan and supplement longer creative.
  • Tend to have low-level media weights, but still manage to effectively communicate the brand message (on par with 30secs/15secs).
  • Potential keys to short-form campaigns success:
    ○ Use short form as brand banners
    ○ Use short form for quick and effective hits as cut-down versions of 15/30 sec ads.

The Media Store Take

Short formats will work best when used alongside longer formats thereby amplifying the brand message. Once these formats become commonplace, we can expect consumer memorability of ad content and the related brands to increase. Provided the KISS principle is applied to the short format creative – KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID – we can expect the norm to shift to commonplace shorter durations as the sole creative in campaigns for established brands, delivering additional efficiency and effectiveness.

Bettina Benjamin