HP Inc originated in 1939 but in 2015 the Company split into two businesses, developing an enterprise-focused product and graphic solutions business enabling HP technology to revolutionise digital printing, the aim being to create amazing experiences for brand customers.
Conrad Mendoza Jr (HP, Strategic Regional Marketer for Brand Innovation) presentation focused on the role of digital printing and how this can assist with addressing a messy marketing landscape where consumers are spoilt for choice, have fragmented attention spans and low brand loyalty. Consumers have more control than ever and millennials are leading the way as the changing face of consumers.
Millennials are the ‘Me’ generation and brands need to reflect the consumers unique taste by creating exciting and personalised experiences that allow all customers to feel “ I have the only one” of your product.
Brands are driven to continuously refresh their offerings to maintain a sense of freshness and novelty.
Digital printing is facilitating this creative approach by revolutionising packaging design to attract the ‘ Me’ generation.
For example Diet Coke Cola created printed bottles with over 1 million designs, using digital printers to create dynamic and unique prints so not any one print was identical.