According to a recent ‘second screen’ study conducted by ViewersLogic (and Mediacom) UK, TV viewers are 75% more likely to follow up on an advertisement if they have a second screen device simultaneously in their hand. Easy reach prompts them to immediately access a brand website or app they have just viewed, thus improving the effectiveness of the advertisement.
The study comprised 1,877 respondents. The results showed a surprisingly consistent outcome across all age groups, gender and TV channels sampled, dispelling one of advertising’s biggest challenges, namely that using another device would seemingly detract attention away from the advertisement.
Women were found to be more receptive to an ad while second screening, with 59% of all their active responses occurring while second screening. This compares to only 51% of men. The study also found that the 40-54 age group was the most responsive (dispelling millennials as the likely behaviour leaders) with 57% of all active responses happening while second screening.