Spotify launched a global OOH campaign in 2017 which cleverly combined data and a sense of humour to target consumers on topics which were making headlines around the world. The notion behind this campaign stemmed from Spotify noticing through their own data and external data that there was a level of fatigue amongst consumers, therefore Spotify wanted to address this but in a way which captured and made consumers see the world in a more humorous light.

They didn’t just target their messaging towards world issues, they also tailored their messaging to what their Spotify listeners were consuming by taking their individual experiences, individual data points and using this to represent a broader feeling. For example: ‘Be as loving as the person who put 48 Ed Sheeran songs on their “Love Ginger” playlists’.
Spotify has since launched a 2018 campaign titled “2018 goals”, encouraging the consumer to look forward and not backward. They’ve done this by using Spotify listeners habits from 2017 and humorously suggesting strategies to deal with life in 2018.