The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has criticised the video measurement component of Nielsen’s Digital Content Ratings (DCR), specifically identifying that the tool fails to properly measure off platform video content on Facebook and that it does not measure the minimum viewing time of two seconds, recommended by the Media Ratings Council (MRC). The problem stems from Nielsen’s current use of online video measurements, which measures off platform video viewing at zero seconds (measuring the audience) vs the MRC standard of two seconds related to ads. This has left Publishers concerned about the methodology.

The TMS Take

Nielsen has agreed to look at creating a qualified content audience solution, allowing publishers to report video based on video qualifiers of two seconds and 30 seconds. The new metric will measure both ad-supported and non-ad-supported video content.

Video campaigns can deliver sight, sound, and motion to Brands online and are able to shift key brand metrics and deliver engagement.  Getting the measurement of off-platform video is crucial in understanding its full impact beyond video bought or served on-platform. Nielsen does not have an easy task ahead, particularly considering that the BBC and Fairfax have dropped out of Nielsen’s digital ratings services altogether.  Additionally, Nielsen and Australia are outliers globally with Comscore being the preferred industry metric in most markets.

It is encouraging, however, that Nielsen has taken on-board the IAB’s and Publishers’ feedback.  We look forward to reviewing their progress in their next release in February 2019.

Bettina Benjamin