A new interactive app that allows women and girls to pinpoint “danger spots” and report incidents of harassment has been launched this week. Following on from a successful pilot in Melbourne in 2016, Free To Be will be rolled out across Sydney, Delhi, Kampala, Lima, and Madrid. Users will have the ability to engage with an interactive map of their selected city, dropping either a “good” or “bad” pin detailing their experience.

Free To Be is a joint initiative between NGO Plan International Australia, software company CrowdSpot and Monash University’s XYX Lab. A recent study conducted by Plan International Australia found that nearly half the women surveyed felt uncomfortable taking public transport alone during the day whilst 90 percent felt unsafe on public transport at night. In addition to this, many women experienced high levels of harassment in broad daylight and areas where they were simply trying to get home from school or work.

Ultimately, as the number of women using the app grows, partners will be able to draw a clearer picture of their experiences on city streets. Data collected will then be passed onto local authorities, councils, and businesses in a bid to address locations where harassment is most prevalent.

Want to get involved? Visit the Free To Be website today.