Do you hate the stand-still traffic in Melbourne? Traffic congestion in Melbourne is on par with New York. In the morning peak, an average Melbourne CBD commuting trip takes close to 70% longer than it would in the middle of the night. While people used to hire taxis before Uber launched in 2012, Nielsen Consumer & Media View data shows that more than one-quarter of Aussies who use taxis now prefer ride-sharing services almost exclusively. It is clear that consumers are adapting to digital experience to fulfill their needs. If only technology could help weave through the traffic too.

Introducing Scooti, an innovative ride-sharing alternative launching in Melbourne in April. Similar to Uber, Scooti is the first transport service in Australia that connects scooter drivers with passengers in need of a lift. The upcoming start-up provides immersed digital experience on its mobile app with user-focused features like hiring female scooter drivers – a service also provided by car ride-sharing companies like Shebah. It’s cost-effective, creates fewer emissions, and focused on user safety. Every rider gets helmets and ponchos to enjoy the safe adventure.

Just feel the wind running through your hair and Scooti will get you there!

Suryabala Shenbagamurthy