Monash University has developed a content-publishing platform encouraging students and industry professionals to develop and publish their own documentaries based on issues that they find interesting.  Built by Y&R Melbourne, the bespoke technology allows users to make their own documentaries and publishes them in real time. Building upon their existing documentary series, ‘A Different Lens ’, Monash is going one step further and encouraging students and industry professionals to produce content based on topics they feel most passionate about.

This initiative shows Monash cleverly harnessing and amplifying the passion of their students, staff & community for education and topical issues. Providing a “different lens” on these topics, Monash is placing themselves at the forefront of “crowd-sourced” thought leadership, offering a range of educated views on issues that mean something to not only the users but the wider community who can access the content. The platform also serves an internal purpose to encourage registration for degrees at Monash as users are presented with a range of options relevant to their topic selections after watching their unique documentaries.

Jodie Buddle