What if the latest phone app could connect you to the people around you rather than helping you disconnect?

Huawei the Chinese tech giant state they “believe that technology can address some of humanity’s biggest challenges” and they are backing up this statement with action by developing AI fuelled apps to help create a more inclusive world.

App #1: Facing Emotions

Emotions such as Joy, sadness, contempt, surprise, disgust, fear and anger are translated into a distinct sound which is then played through the smartphone’s microphone. The sounds are designed to be specific, but not distract the user from their conversation.

App#2 – Story Sign

Huawei partnered with the European Union of the Deaf, the British Deaf Association and Deaf Australia Inc. Huawei Western Europe CMO, says that “Today there are 32 million deaf children in the world and for many of those children, they have a real challenge learning to read because they can’t read and learn the same way a hearing child can,”

The app converts text from a number of selected children’s books to sign language in a bid to open the world of books to deaf children.

Huawei’s openness for power partnerships is delivering solutions to a range of issues.

Alison White