What’s happened?

Every year, Cadbury Easter Egg hunts get consumers excited. This year’s UK hunt has moved online, challenging the public to find their White Creme Egg in other brands’ ads. The Mondelez-owned company is able to launch such a bold campaign by incorporating other brands ads from their own portfolio, such as Oreo, as well as a series of partnerships that for now remain a secret. People who find the eggs can upload a photo of the TV, digital or OOH ad to a dedicated website. They are not the only brand to launch an interactive campaign. Burger King just wrapped up a similar giveaway campaign in December, where customers had to walk into a McDonalds to receive a 1c coupon for a Burger King Whopper.

The Media Store Take

Interactive advertising is on the rise, and 2019 is likely to see an increase in campaigns that revive brand excitement. The advertising industry is more empowered than ever to get creative in our approach to connecting consumers in a more meaningful and fun way. Innovative technologies such as geo-targeting and the growing links between smartphones and out-of-home advertisements are giving big brands the opportunity to spice up their relationship with customers. Brands that refresh the experience and respond with innovative and unexpected campaigns will be rewarded.

You can find Cadbury’s campaign video here. 

Ruby Miller