Dunkin’, previously Dunkin’ Donuts, is one of a handful of companies that have announced plans to implement blockchain Technology in their advertising strategy. Management’s aim is to increase the addressability of TVCs by encouraging TV viewers, who have been exposed to a Dunkin’ commercial, to then directly enter a code online or in-app to get discounts and prizes.

The TMS Take Blockchain technology at its core is fundamentally about transmitting data and information in a transparent and unalterable way. No longer is this technology only associated with crypto-currency, it has seen widespread success in a plethora of industries. For advertising specifically, this technology can improve media spend, as the tech provides marketers with a  more concrete way of tracking who sees an ad based on who redeems ‘tokens.’ Blockchain also presents ad authorities with a tool for fraud prevention and policing due to the tech’s history-storing nature. Lastly, the technology can assist in the auditing of audience lists to ensure agencies are targeting relevant people with a relevant message. Educating an entire industry is the next challenge for this new use of the technology, its future will depend on the rate of adoption amongst advertisers. At this stage the industry’s feelings toward the tech seem rightfully circumspect and the following statement by one CMO sums up sentiments about the technology’s lack of adoption “If you think about crawl, walk, run, we’re having a baby.”

Dan Strangward