Zero Emission And Cars That Drive Themselves

The Tokyo Motor Show hadn’t yet begun and already there was a huge buzz from the media preview last Wednesday. Tesla’s electric-powered, part-autonomous car made headlines earlier this month but the near future for Auto manufacturers appears ever more environmentally friendly and increasingly more intelligent as carmakers showcase hydrogen power and autonomous vehicles.

Our take

Technology does not always progress in momentous leaps and bounds. Often, small hybrid amalgamations of new and existing technologies provide for long rigorous test and learn phases, before we see the fruit of engineering labours.
The new Toyota Mirai, the Lexus LF-FC concept car and the Honda Clarity FCV are only a few examples of vehicles showcasing hydrogen fuel-cell technology. These vehicles are often decades and many iterations in the making.
There is no doubt that clean running; self-driving cars will become ubiquitous in the next decade. These current showstoppers, highlight the significant engineering capabilities of the big car makers, and the start of a new golden era in automobile advancements.

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