YouTube TV: outside the box

YouTube introduced its TV subscription service in partnership with 40 networks including ABC, CBS, ESPN, Fox News, National Geographic, and Bravo. The video streaming service launched in the United States and is accessible through desktop and YouTube TV mobile app. According to Nielsen, in the US YouTube currently reaches more adults on mobile during prime time than any cable network does.

Our take

With video streaming encroaching on broadcast TV, brands will need to create content for “screens” not channels, and YouTube is already creatively equipped with their custom production arm, Red.
Joining players like Netflix, YouTube TV aims to provide bundled custom content to users on consumer terms, reflecting appetite for content on demand. Where YouTube can surge ahead of the pack is via targeted advertising. By leveraging Google data, YouTube can personalize and target individual ads to users based on data points, search behaviour and viewing habits, to the extent that no other content platform can currently provide.

Noelle Parisi & Suryabala Shenbagamurthy

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