YouTube to stop 30-second unskippable pre-roll

Come 2018, YouTube will stop the 30-second unskippable pre-roll video. YouTube say they have taken this move to improve User Experience as their users see unskippable 30-second ads as getting in the way of the content they actually want to watch. Paid content shorter than 30 seconds can still be unskippable and YouTube are especially focusing promotion around the unskippable 6-second “bumper” ads that they introduced last year.

Our take

Paid content will have to work harder to earn a View on YouTube and will need to better take into account the context in which it appears, especially as more & more “snackable” video is consumed on Mobile. The shift to unskippable shorter formats will require more disciplined approaches in content creation to achieve message takeout, and these will have to work in combination with other longer form video placed via Google Preferred & TrueView to communicate effectively in the channel. A single 30sec TV commercial on YouTube just won’t cut it anymore.

Bettina Benjamin

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