Will iOS9 see the death of display?

iPhone user? Then you may have been prompted to update your iOS software over the weekend to iOS 9. Normal tweaks aside, Apple has allowed ad-blocking apps to be bought in its App Store (they will block mobile and tablet ads within Safari – ads within Apple apps remain). Within 48hrs of the update, backlash has ensued. Apple says this update “improves the mobile browsing experience”. For Internet business owners, the update could negatively impact their business growth potential.

Our take

This move by Apple tells us that the chess game between Apple and Google continues. But what we more are interested in is how Marketers and their Agencies need to take greater care in what is deemed a ‘bad’ ad (the type that customers want to block) and what makes ‘good’ ads (the relevant type customers would welcome). Mobile advertising may be in its infancy, but the old adage of ‘customer first’ still applies.

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