When is a screen not a TV?

For an advertiser, the current debate in the media regarding free to air (FTA) restrictions and license fees is all about FTA vs Online/Digital Video Commercials.
Both, play video commercials, increasingly the majority of the signals travel via the airways using the spectrum, are broad reaching and appear on a screen (or is it a TV?).
FTA is mandated to hold a license and to pay licensing fee to the Government. They have restrictions on their maximum reach levels. They work to recoup these fees, selling advertising, using audience metrics of; Thousands, Impacts, Reach and now, TARP’s (Target Audience Rating Points). Online/ Digital have none of these restraints or fees!

Our take

We need to keep mass reaching FTA strong and ideally with some Australian control, while embracing the reach extensions Online video provides. Equality in the use of the broadcast spectrum is a must. Then, we need to find the answer to a single research currency for Video plays, whether FTA or Online.

Adam Peruch

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