What Expedia has learned from its Facebook bot and what we could learn too?

Expedia was among the first to use Facebook Messenger chatbots last spring. The aim was to use the chatbot as a sales tool, however Scott Crawford, Expedia’s vp of product management gained a great insight while trialing and testing the bot and established that the majority of Expedia’s bot inquiries are actually related to customer service and not sales.
This led Expedia to relook at their sales model and “clearly define what role the chatbot will have in the booking process and what is key to retaining the user’s attention”

Our take

It is obvious that chatbots are a great resource saving technology, whether as a sales or customer service tool. However, each advertiser needs to identify the bot’s right position on the purchase funnel to ensure the best output and user experience for the customer, not underestimating how human interaction plays to trust when booking a holiday.

Kylie Barr

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