Volkswagen debuts shareable vehicle

The latest automotive manufacturer to enter into the realm of driverless cars is Volkswagen, with the reveal of its Sedric Concept Car at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. An “autonomous pod”, the vehicle showcases an inviting interior living space, OLED touchscreens which transform from computer to windows, as well as an inbuilt personal chatbot.

Our take

The next step for the automotive industry is often represented as a driverless, shared economy, where a fleet of vehicles is controlled by an organisation – an Uber for example – as a public asset that is available for hire.
In this slant on the concept, Volkswagen shifts the onus back onto private vehicle ownership. With the announcement of the Sedric, VW presents the notion of car ownership developed for the future; a personally owned vehicle that you share amongst a network of family and friends.

Ryan Varley

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