Vertical Content

Snapchat, market leaders in talking to Millennials, are in the process of re-educating marketers on the benefits of vertical content. If it hasn’t been enough to shift from 4×3 to 16×9, the Insta square, grappling with content across devices, now it’s all about the vertical. Our millennials don’t like too much effort, (aka turning your phone sideways), and according to Snapchat brand ads are 9x more likely to be viewed in their entirety versus the horizontal format. The likes of Periscope, a streaming vertical format, have also followed in this space.

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Our take

Audiences expect you to get the platform if you are going to get them. This adds new meaning to digital first content, with custom content required for different apps within the one device. With 29% of people’s screen time spent looking at smartphones, vertical content is here to stay….for now.

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