Uncovering the faces behind distracted driving in a mini-documentary series

AT&T’s ‘It Can Wait’ campaign launched in the US in Distracted Driving Awareness Month, using emotionally compelling creative to tell the stories of victims of distracted driving. The latest iteration of AT&T’s campaign sees the telco company return to this message for a seventh year. ‘The Face of Distracted Driving’ re-imagines the lives of victims killed in accidents caused by distracted driving. Re-created by forensic artists and visual effects teams, the victims appear in interviews to talk of their experiences alongside their families, ending with the reflecting message “This is what Caleb Sorohan/Forrest Cepeda would look like if they hadn’t been killed in distracted driving accidents.”

Our take

The evolution of this campaign since its inception in 2010 follows the arch of developing technology and shows AT&T responding to changes in habits of usage. Beyond just texting among millennials, the campaign explores the broad range of tasks now undertaken on a smartphone, including scrolling through a social feed or responding to emails.

The campaign demonstrates interesting use of technology to combat technology – exhibited in the special effects creative of the latest iteration – as well as supporting tools such as the DriveMode app, developed by AT&T to silence user’s notifications on personal devices whilst driving.
As statistics around distracted driving-related deaths continue to rise, AT&T is a brand authentically adapting to its audience to show the real consequences of their technological habits.

Emma O’Donoghue

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