TV trading metrics to evolve

TV Networks recently announced plans to evolve their current buying demographics by using data from their digital platforms and aligning with third party data suppliers to create custom audience segments. Driving this move is the knowledge that content is now distributed so much further than the linear screen. Ultimately, with leadership from OZTAM, the networks will move towards one single buying currency that is delivered cross-platform.

Our take

There is no doubt that the influence of Google and Facebook is driving the TV industry to evolve the way we buy and measure television.  As the networks distribute their content beyond linear screens we need to evolve to one single currency to trade across platforms. Trends in overseas markets like the US, from companies such as Open AP,  should provide learnings for our TV industry as we move towards media buying that leverages behavioural, attitudinal, and lifestyle based data to identify and create custom audience segments that go beyond traditional age and gender audience definitions. Whether an advertiser is looking to target a travel enthusiast, a first-time car buyer, or a luxury shopper, transacting in custom audiences allows them to identify and reach a highly-engaged segment. These campaigns deliver marketing outcomes that go beyond traditional impressions, including higher ad engagement, brand affinity, purchase intent, and driving in-store traffic. OZTAM is planning to introduce 50-100 segments and has already commenced installing streaming meters into Australian homes. This will allow advertisers to overlay first-party data to determine viewing habits across screen.  We embrace a clear industry need that requires collective action, uniform metric standards, and one currency. Watch this space

Stephen Leeds

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