To explore or snooze?

Facebook’s constant testing has garnered a lot of attention. Most recently they tested a new format which removes content posted by pages (including publishers) from the Newsfeed and relocates it to a new “Explore” feed. Although it was an isolated test in 6 small European countries, there is no guarantee it will be rolled out overseas or in Australia. Another feature being tested is ‘Snooze’ which allows users to temporarily block content from specific sources for 24hrs and up to 30days, with the action remaining anonymous to the publisher.

Our take

Where consumer attention is already scarce, giving consumers more choice with an extra tab to explore or the ability to take matters in their hands and press snooze will only make it harder to exploit the targeted mass reach capabilities that Facebook tout. For brands, striking the right balance between producing contextually relevant & timely content that stops them hitting snooze and inspires them to explore, will be key to keeping their audience engaged.

Monia Montefusco

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