Tidal | What’s music got to do with it?

A myriad of record-breaking artists joined Jay Z in New York to launch Tidal, his artist-owned music streaming service.

Tidal claims to be different to the likes of Spotify and Pandora for 3 reasons:
1. Exclusives: hear some music on Tidal before anywhere else
2. Its premium option: 19.99 USD per month (basic unlimited streaming at 9.99 USD per month) gives you ‘Lossless hi-fidelity sound’ – their name for CD quality sound
3. A fairer deal for the artist: Tidal claims it will deliver more money to the artist due to its no free option (after a 30 day free trial)

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Our take

Spotify v Google v Apple Beats v Pandora… and now Tidal?

There isn’t a demand for a service like Tidal in the market big enough to satisfy its lofty ambitions. One can’t help but feel the only people that will gain from this foray into tech and music are the already wealthy artists on stage.

As we listened to Alicia Keys read out the mission of Tidal as ‘our mission goes beyond commerce, beyond technology – our intent is to preserve music’s importance in our lives’ – it all rang very hollow. And almost, delusional.

Consumers have had good quality, free or paid for (at half the price of Tidal premium) for too long to pay any more.  The 3 reasons above won’t deliver the ground swell these artists are hoping for. We want to see the landscape in a year from now.

Our prediction: Spotify and YouTube will still dominate.  Tidal will be popular amongst those that value high sound quality.  Oh, and Taylor Swift fans.

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