The return of BMW Films – The Escape

The BMW film series consisted of eight short films produced in 2001 and 2002. At the time, these films were heralded as revolutionary branded content at scale. Now, after nearly 15 years BMW has brought back its incredibly successful film series with “The Escape”, a 13 minute car chase mini film.

Our take

Content marketing is an effective marketing approach to sculpt a brand’s image, particularly within the online space. BMW delivers another winner in 2016 with “The Escape”. With Clive Owen reprising his role, it’s an ad that doesn’t feel like one.
Aligned with our identified 2016 trend of ‘Immersive Brand Experiences’ (more story, less telling) the vehicle is central to the story, without being the story. As a marketing piece it’s able to pique the interest of in-market intenders to what BMW has to offer without feeling like they’re being sold to.

Aaron Hunt

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