The future is marketing to machines

According to Chris Stephenson – Mumbrella 360’s international key note and APAC Head of Strategy & Planning PHD Singapore – “it is 11.59 pm on the eve of Artificial Intelligence”. We are at the cusp of the collapse of the internet as we know it. One that will condense into one human voice, accessing and interpreting how we navigate the world and outsource tasks. By the 2020’s the role of marketing won’t be to talk to humans but their virtual personal assistants. Algorithms will talk to algorithms and VPAs will make decisions on our behalf. By 2029 the first company will be founded and run by an AI, Brand Preference will be influenced by AI relevance scores, and an algorithm will win a Grand Prix at Cannes!

Our take

This is a very real prospect and the implications for how AI will transform our lives in ten years time is both frightening and exciting. Whilst machines will evolve to be sentient like, they will still lack human emotion. Therefore creating an emotional connection will remain at the heart of great marketing. Disrupting, entertaining and surprising consumers with emotional messages will continue to influence brand choice, while AI will ensure VPAs deliver those brands to us in a seamless way. Whilst the next wave of marketing will see a shift to AI solutions, advertising will be focused on delivering amazing creative solutions. What’s not to be excited about?

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