The Digital Olympics

Back in 2012 for the London Olympics, brands launched digital-first global campaigns and this year in Rio it is expected Social will become the lead online medium for brands and be used in a more meaningful way for the end user. Opportunities on social channels such as Snapchat Live curated content, Twitter Moments and Facebook Live video will enable brands to create ways for fans to connect with events and share real human stories, over self-promotion of products and features. Coca-Cola for example is running a campaign entitled #ThatsGold that is using footage of over 75 athletes from more than 20 countries and across 50 markets.

Our take

The Olympics is a people led event on a global scale and for 2 weeks celebrating the emotion of winning and losing and the friendships formed amongst athletes and fans takes centre stage.   To ensure a favourable consumer experience and brand results, brands must actively encourage fans to share moments of interest and passion to them and in return, brands should enable and enhance those conversations through unique content and additional value

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