Text and drive

A roadside Billboard appeared in Canada with the message ‘Text And Drive’, supported by ‘Wathan Funeral Home’. Drivers outraged by the sign’s insensitivity flocked online to complain, finding that Wathan Funeral Home was actually a front for the Ontario government, trying to stress the potential consequences of using mobiles while driving.

Our take

Despite having high awareness for ‘Don’t Text and Drive’ campaigns, Canadian deaths related to texting and driving were still projected to rise. This is a clever move by government to flip standard messaging on its head and impress the gravity of drivers’ actions upon them at a very relevant time – when they’re driving. In a world where media formats are constantly evolving – especially in the out of home space, with huge conversion to digital sites – this is evidence that getting the right placement and the right (or ‘wrong’!) messaging is still key to a successful campaign.

Visit ‘Wathan Funeral Home’s’ website here.

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