Tesla launches luxury SUV

Tesla has launched its luxury SUV offering – the Model X. The all-electric supercar, true to Tesla form, is “ludicrously” fast and has a slew of advanced technologies. Tesla argues that the new model has dramatically better crash safety than competing SUVs and even an air filtration system that has a “bioweapon defense mode”. Tesla has made ground-breaking innovations with the electric car, boasting the longest driving range of any on the market; they have long been without direct competition – particularly in the luxury segment.

Our take

Tesla’s enormous success will inevitably mean that competition will come snapping at its heels. With high-end automakers such as Porsche reportedly investing in their own all-electric performance vehicles, we may soon see more and more battery-powered sports cars. Welcoming the competition, founder Elon Musk says “bring it on” and wishes that Big Auto would hurry up! Having founded Tesla with “ideological motivation”, Musk’s vision is to stop human extinction by popularising sustainable transport, but to do so, there needs to be more electric cars on the road!

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