Tag Heuer enters the digital domain


In an ever changing world, success is short lived as businesses are constantly finding themselves bordering the line of extinction; leaving innovation as the only key to survival. Tag, the high-end Swiss luxury watch manufacturer has decided to endeavour into the digital world with their first smartwatch. Tag Heuer Connected, a $1,500 smartwatch built in partnership with Google and Intel. It’s made of titanium, runs Android Wear, and features custom watch faces

Our take

With the digital age at hand, technology is becoming all consuming, cultivating consumers and escorting one’s attention span to a diminishing state. The essence of the smartwatch has emitted itself as yet another platform to captivate the consumer’s attention, bestowing upon advertisers an additional avenue to connect with their potential clients. Our affluent society which flourishes on the approval of one’s peers has created a reality where, much like smartphones; smartwatches will no longer be a niche market but rather the essential.

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