Survivor returns to TV screens – but can TV “Outwit and Outplay” its digital competitors?

Viewers ability to access content where and whenever suits, through the likes of OTT streaming services or increasingly network live offerings, has had a marked impact on linear broadcast viewing. Oztam data reveals metropolitan viewing is down 5% YOY, which has some digital companies calling the death of TV!
However TV network executives remain optimistic of a buoyant 2016

Our take

The linear broadcast model has its challenges and certainly average viewing across all networks is declining. Given recent network moves to live stream their content, Oztam’s multi-screen panel which is imminent and Nielsen’s multi-screen report indicating TV still reaches 87.7% of the population, we think there is still plenty of fight in TV just yet. With three very significant events in 2016, we would expect low single digit revenue increases.


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