Snapchat launches Spectacles

Snapchat has announced the imminent launch of its first piece of hardware, Spectacles. Spectacles records 10-second clips that are then synced to the user’s smartphone to be frictionless-ly shared via Snapchat (without being plugged in).
In the same announcement, Snapchat has renamed itself Snapchat Inc, reflecting its move into consumer hardware.

Our take

Snapchat Spectacles are a happy tech mix of GoPro and Google Glass, with the extra bonus of instant connectivity to Internet and social sharing. At a RRP of $129.99, we predict that the Spectacles will be all over Bondi beach in the coming months. They are what Google Glass were not…fun. However, it’s possible that Snapchat could be at the center of privacy disputes and safety debates, like we saw with drones late last year and Pokemon Go! this year. Share on social carefully! Read more here

Kylie Barr

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