Searching for serendipity

Ericsson have released ‘TV and Media 2015: The empowered TV and media consumer’s influence’ report. This global report combines qualitative and quantitative research across 9 markets to give voice to emerging and established trends. The big focus this year was on streaming on-demand content and how it is evolving media consumption around the world, with content discovery being the new frontier for these platforms. Whilst traditional TV offers the pleasures of serendipitous discovery, on-demand services must develop ever better personalisation and recommendation options.

Our take

The personalisation that people want in their programing they also want in their advertising. As viewing consumption habits evolve, there are expectations for advertising to be just as personalised and relevant. As the media landscape continues to evolve and change, research reports like this identify new trends and thus new opportunities, and elucidate gaps in brand servicing.

What’s The Wrap?

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