Reality Check

Tent Pole programming and key finales have been a part of our viewing lives for many years be it sport or reality. Above is a snapshot of the key tent pole finales over the past 4 years, and we ask ourselves are they still relevant?

Our take

Cooking, home renovation, music and sport, continue to resonate with viewers with the key franchises delivering 1.5M+ viewers. However unquestionably audience fragmentation over the period and a plethora of similar programs competing head to head has caused some franchises to suffer. Producers have had to work even harder to keep storylines fresh and ensure viewer engagement (e.g MasterChef 2013 vs its renaissance in 2014). Challenges remain for TV, but key programs and major sporting events continue to delivering significant viewers and currently remain the lifeblood of a network and essential for mass reach.

What’s The Wrap?

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