Re-thinking communication strategies and idea development

Warc has released the 2016 Connection Strategy Prize Casebook rewarding strategies for connecting with consumers. Four key insights have been derived from the best examples:

  • Channel strategy is at the heart of modern creativity: Integral to creative thinking, successful initiatives are built around intimate understandings of the way channels and technology work together, and combine in fresh ways.
  • Partnerships deliver reach and credibility: Partnerships and collaborations allow brands to reach audiences in new ways and gain credibility and cut through the crowd via alternatives to paid media.
  • Brands are adopting sophisticated communications architecture: Particularly successful campaigns layered communication channels; notable strategies focused on digital channels such as social media and online video, and strengthened them by complementary ‘real world’ brand experiences.
  • Data opens up opportunities for all stages of campaign: Insights from datasets can be applied to channel choice during campaign development; success lies in the next stage with data-driven campaign platforms updated in real time during the campaign.



Our take

The line between creative development and media development is becoming increasingly blurred – the creative idea would often not work without the media thinking. Successful channel strategies demonstrate how the idea, creative and media intertwine for integrated and innovative channel thinking. Through partnerships new channels and networks can be tapped into, and for optimised success, analysis of old and new data creates opportunities for more agile and effective marketing.

What’s The Wrap?

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