Radio listeners love to shop online

A recent study by Nielsen and Commercial Radio Australia has identified a growing trend amongst Australian radio listeners.
Radio has the ability to reach a highly qualified audience in the lead up to purchase, by connecting with consumers at the right time. As today’s radio listener is a highly connected, high tech user and heavily mobile consumer, this has allowed the space between radio and online shopping to strengthen.
Commercial radio listeners are continuously using their mobile phones whilst out and about to pass the time but more importantly 45% of commercial radio listeners use the internet to plan their shopping and search information on brands and products.

Our take

60% of commercial radio listeners compare prices online before they buy and over 50% frequently purchase online monthly.
With this high level of online shopping through the mobile device, there is a big opportunity for advertisers to reach consumers through radio and online simultaneously to increase reach and build brand consideration.
*Nielsen Commercial Radio Australia Consumer Report; April 2015

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