Programmatic TV | Google’s test in the US

Google is announcing that they intend to extend DoubleClick Bid Manager’s (DBM) current programmatic capabilities into buying traditional TV advertising.
Partnering with WideOrbit, Clypd, and Google’s very own high-speed internet service Fiber, Google plans to have access to local, national, and addressable TV inventory.

Our take

Access to TV inventory via DBM could be the best news for Advertisers who are interested in reaching their audience across screens in a targeted manner.
On the other hand, how open will TV networks be to making their inventory available to Google? Google attempted to sell TV commercial space previously through its Google TV Ads product – shut down in 2012.
Times are different now, but not that different. We foresee remnant TV inventory available initially to test the waters – as with most advancements in media these days, one has to test and learn In Real Life to form an informed opinion.
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Suryabala Shenbagamurthy

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