Prism optimises your showroom

A new heat mapping technology brings online thinking to offline retail. Called Prism, it’s a tech solution that uses security cameras to track customers’ actions – what they touched, which way they entered the store, which areas of the shop they like most etc. It goes so far as to infer shoppers emotional needs state, all while maintaining their anonymity. Retailers access Prism’s platform in real time, ascertain insights which can then inform quick adjustments to store layouts, item placement or even product price.

Our take

Prism takes the analytical functionality of web optimization into the offline world. The game changer is the delivery of data & insight in real-time, empowering retailers to optimize their showroom on the fly. Prism’s application for marketers is boundless including identifying & maximising best activity spaces, setting best practice for pop-ups & experiential and creating benchmarks across franchise businesses.

Bettina Benjamin

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