Print Re-imagined: A Connected Future

At the recent 2018 Come Together roadshow, Newscorp demonstrated how they are more than just a print platform. They articulated the influence, innovation and content output a publishing network of their capacity can produce, to distribute in the moment content at scale and to connect with its consumers in new ways, all underpinned by trust.
Central to this evolved proposition is their storytelling DNA. “In today’s world where everyone is a storyteller, it is those who tell the unique stories, in the most engaging ways, that lead the way,” said Michael Miller, News corps Executive Chairman in his opening speech.
Bringing these stories to life in a clever way is exactly what Newscorp delivered.  From A.I. embedded in print via Shazam, voice-activated stories using Alexa, and a peek at their transparent data partnerships that allow marketers to match first-party data to deliver new and unique experiences and content for owned channels.

Our take

With the rise of citizen journalism, fake news and the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal it is no surprise that trust in platforms is at an all-time low.  This was highlighted in the recent Edelman Trust Report. The authenticity and trust that quality journalism provides is a beacon of hope and a much-needed catalyst for print publishers to reinvent and reposition themselves with credibility for a competitive edge to steal share from the platform titans. How the market reacts versus how they behave will be telling. SMI media spend data highlights the plight of publishers. Press, magazines and their digital counterparts continue to hemorrhage compared with other digital publishers and in particular social media platforms who have experienced a surge in ad spend of over 25% YOY, despite recent privacy issues. In the Year of Borderless Brands, trusted publishers provide a real opportunity for marketers to capture consumers attention and connect authentically to build brand love, market share, and fame.

Monia Montefusco

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