Plan your next holiday with biometric data

Le Club Accor Hotels has developed an immersive sensory experience that measures the behavioural and biometric responses of their customers. The SEEKER Project tracks responses to various stimuli to reveal users true desires when it comes to travel destinations, taking into account six metrics including personality, destination and style, warm or cold weather and family or romance. The immersive experience, currently rolling out in several kiosks across the French Hotel chain, uses EEG, heart rate, galvanic skin response, and brain activity to produce a psychographic that tracks what guests want in a vacation. There is also an online version of SEEKER that measures impulse based reactions to various stimuli, with an option to measure heart rate via webcam for additional analysis.

Our take

Luxury brands understand the need to anticipate and encapsulate their customers’ wants and desires, but the beauty of this offering is that it can identify deeper insights and desires the customer may not even be aware of, helping to deliver a truly luxurious and bespoke experience.  In our 2018 Trends we identified Hyper personalisation as an opportunity for brands to connect with individuals via biometrics and AI. The Seeker Project delivers a highly personalised recommendation for those who have the opportunity to attend their kiosks, but the clever rollout of the tech online via mobile and desktop delivers scale to their offering and an opportunity for anyone to engage with the Le Club Accor brand. So jump online and discover your ideal travel destination (just hope it aligns with that of your travel partner).

Melanie Aslanidis

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