Pinterest – The Quiet Achiever

Since the second half of 2016, Pinterest has been quietly innovating, introducing more than a dozen features designed to attract not only consumers but also marketers. Beyond analytics, targeting and ad options implemented to address measurability concerns, Pinterest last Feb launched a new visual search tool called Pinterest Lens which detects objects in the real world and suggests a list of related items. Whilst image recognition is available via Instagram & Snapchat through their selfie AR filters, the Lens is a very different product with clear applications in terms of e-commerce.

Our take

Pinterest has long struggled to attract the attention of marketers seduced by the scale of Google & Facebook or the shiny newness of Snapchat. With a 1.6%* higher monthly visitation for P18+ than its extroverted competitor Instagram, and its ability to connect at planning stage in the purchase funnel, Pinterest deserves consideration as an ad platform.

*Source: Roy Morgan Dec 2016

Lisa Hosking

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