Long ago, before the Internet, a rich man in the kingdom of Oz, Rupert bought the Herald & Weekly Times. To protect his subjects, “Paul Keating of Bankstown” cried from the Parliament towers …”you may be the Queen of the Screen or the Prince of the Print but not both” introducing the 75% Reach rule for Australian Media. Paul’s successor, “Little John”, reinforced his Kingdom further only allowing media to own 2 of 3 media types within a village.
Little did they know of the soon to be (strangely named) invaders from the North “Google”, “Facebook”, “Youtube” and “Insta’ ”, and that future leaders of Oz would not be able to restrict their Reach and influence.
Today, “Malcom The Rich” is attempting to release the chains of “75%” and “2 of 3”, so they can battle into the future against overseas invaders and keep Australian media Australian and strong.