Offspring back from the brink

After a two year hiatus, the sixth season of the Channel Ten Australian drama ‘Offspring’ will return this Wednesday night. Despite the program being a ratings hit for Ten, when it passed 65 episodes it no longer qualified for Screen Australia funding and thus became less economically viable to produce. This is an unfortunate and growing trend of quality local production and supported by PWC “funding for Australian content is under pressure…a review of drama production commissioned over the last three years show a decline in expenditure and titles each year.”

(Source Australian Entertainment and Media Outlook 2016-2020)

Our take

Our locally produced dramas are being threatened by high production costs, government funding limitations, fragmented audiences and the growth of video on demand. VOD audiences are choosing overseas drama (48%) over Australian (34%), according to Nielsen’s 2015 ‘Connected Consumer’ report. To fulfil their local content requirements, TV networks are concentrating on either end of the spectrum; cheaper un-scripted reality TV or high impact, highly promotable events. So we are thrilled to see Network Ten take the leap to bring the Proudmans back to Australian homes!


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