Nutella thinks you’re unique! Just like everybody else

In Italy, Nutella has built upon the success of their personalised jars campaign. Working with Ogilvy & Mather, Nutella created a jar as unique and expressive as the Italians themselves. The agency devised an algorithm that pulled from a database of dozens of patterns and colours to create 7 million different versions of of Nutella’s graphic identity.
The promotion was a success with all jars selling out within the month. Ten thousand customised videos were created, with the average social post reaching more than 3m people.

Our take

We love this campaign as it successfully tapped into a market that values the opportunity to personalise. Personalisation at scale meant that consumers unconsciously were expanding Nutella’s reach via their own social media. Whilst inevitably these customised videos would be a fad, we think the Nutella jar on their kitchen table would be a talking point for weeks to come. You can watch how Ogilvy executed this campaign here.

Danielle O’Brien

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