Nike’s Air Jordan III “Tinker” sells out on Snapchat

Snap,  Nike’s Jordan brand, Darkstore, and Shopify have teamed up to pre-release the Air Jordan III “Tinker” shoe on Snapchat with same-day delivery after the NBA All-Star game that took place in late February.

The thousands who attended the Jumpman All-Star after-party in Los Angeles were able to scan exclusive Snap codes to receive the shoes by 10:30 pm that same night. Once they scanned the Snap code, they were brought into the Snapchat app, where they could then purchase the sneakers.

This is the first time a brand other than Snap has sold a product via Snapchat.  The shoes sold out in 23 minutes.

Our take

The opportunities provided by social commerce cannot be overlooked and will be adopted by more brands in the future. Instagram’s shoppable posts (released from beta testing in Oct 2017) is another example of how social selling is evolving. Social Commerce can be used to introduce a specific product line or capitalise on event-based opportunities as Nike has done. Customers win, as buying products they desire becomes easier and faster. The social platforms win as engagement and time spent on their platforms increases. You can read more about Nike and Snapchat’s partnership at TechCrunch

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