New Tech takes OOH to next level

The biggest disruption in out of home technology has arrived: augmented reality for the naked eye. This new technology called ECHO, has been developed by media innovation company Lightvert. To demonstrate the potential of ECHO, they took the opportunity to fresh thinking students who were free from the baggage of traditional responses to marketing briefs. The output of their efforts demonstrates the need for us all to think differently about how and where we engage consumers. These learnings will help Lightvert take the ECHO technology to market and inspire communication innovation.

Our take

“Nothing is impossible” needs to be the mantra we all take on board when creating communication solutions for brands. Channels and the way technology can and will be used to engage audiences, means clients must re-look at how they measure marketing success. Outdoor technology will provide the channel with scale in the future and will require new ways of measuring engagement and reach to justify investment. The uniqueness of this technology, to be both fleeting and unrestrained, stimulates new and unchartered measurement challenges as much as creative and engagement possibilities.

Sandra Wiles

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