New opportunities for brands as generations reshape and traditions remix

Today consumers have the permission, desire and ability to construct their own identities. Trendwatching has labelled this trend ‘Post-Demographic Consumerism’, and it’s characterised by behaviour that breaks age, sex or socially appropriate expectations. Established brands are reacting to the reshaping of conventions – Rolls Royce overturning brand heritage through an XBox game, Graham Crackers celebrating the ‘new normal’ with the coming together of a  post-divorce family and Lean Machine Ale exhibiting ‘hyper demographic irony’ with a beer delivering post workout benefits.

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Our take

At TMS we approach the consumer as more than just a number. Good research is critical to make this shift from generalisation to personalisation. It provides a deep understanding of the values, interests and choices of people who are accessible to the brand. Taking a 360 degree view of their lives can refine targeting and open up new, unexpected opportunities.

What’s The Wrap?

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