Myer + eBay = first virtual reality department store

The “world’s first virtual reality department store” is here – and it’s Australian! Myer & eBay have partnered to deliver an immersive virtual shopping experience accessed through ‘shopticals’. These viewers – similar to Google Cardboard – use VR to create a virtual retail experience where users can browse 12,500+ products from Myer’s range, all facilitated by eBay digital infrastructure.

Our take

Despite the widely held view that traditional players are at war with new digital disruptors, there are more and more examples of “offline” & “online” partnerships being formed across a variety of categories. This makes commercial sense as both parties bring their unique business strengths to the partnership & share the risk, especially when it is about testing a new frontier like VR. This Myer/eBay JV is a perfect example of taking omnichannel to the next level & reflects our 2016 Consumer Trends. Check it out & get your own shopticals here.

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