Mother Nature delivers again… with a little help from her friends

In a world where everything is just a click away, it’s always frustrating when you’re out and about and your trusty smartphone flashing the ‘Low Battery’ message. A European start-up company is now developing a way you can charge your phone with a potted plant. Using the power of photosynthesis, Bioo Lite generates electricity and can re-charge a standard smartphone up to three times a day. The USB port is compatible to most devices and can deliver a charge equivalent to a USB charge from a laptop or desktop computer

Our take

Although there are already portable charges on the market, Arkyne Technologies, the company behind Bioo Lite, have taken something that occurs naturally and developed a technology that can benefit the masses while still protecting the environment. No longer will you need to worry about losing battery life, just sit back and let Mother Nature do the work.

Read more about Bioo Lite here.

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